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Sota ja mielenrauha^DVD nyt kaupoissa

Kinocompany is a production and distribution company located in Helsinki, Finland.

We feel passionate about quality content and meaningful stories. At the moment most of our productions are creative documentaries or documentary series but we also produce music videos, advertisements and fictional films.
Strong images play a big role in our productions and we are always creating new ways of expressing ourselves to make best possible impact with our films. We are interested in producing international co-productions and as a distributor we work mainly with the Finnish cinemas.

Our team


We have produced films since 2006. Here are links to our latest work.


War and Peace of Mind explores what war does to the human mind and how both, the individuals and the nation as a whole, survive it psychologically. Finland and WWII, locally known as continuation war, is the backdrop of this documentary. Finland 2016 72 min.

Russian Libertine

Russian Libertine brings the changes that shake the Russian society in front of our eyes and make them easier to understand. Victor's colourful story from a privileged child of a Soviet diplomat to a dissident who destroys his own family is full of surprises. It is a journey to today's Russia.

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